Digital transformation is rapidly evolving the business landscape, with no sector left untouched. Understanding the impact of digital on consumer trends is crucial to long term success. Continual transformation necessitates leaders navigate change and organically embed digital strategy within company culture. 

This holistic approach to integration is swiftly becoming a sought after quality in the best digital leaders. We engage these leaders, they are part of our network of executives at the forefront of a digitally-driven economy developed over the last decade.

Our clients include Big Data, Cloud Services and Digital Strategy providers.


In a world where the global technology market has become a critical driving force of productivity and change, data has become a strategic asset for any successful business. Analytics and machine learning are quickly becoming go-to technologies for companies wishing to establish themselves at the forefront of modern enterprise. 

Our technology practice operates across the full spectrum identifying and procuring thought leaders capable of developing digital strategy, fostering creativity and pushing the technology agenda expeditiously.

Our clients include global IT services, Software and Managed Services firms.


With a continued focus on cost-cutting provisions, consulting firms need to tailor solutions specific to their clients and provide exceptional value in all facets, all whilst designing client propositions, delivering services, and enhancing product offerings. 

The easiest way to secure a competitive advantage and cut costs without sacrificing quality is through the effective use of human capital. Our consulting practice is able to identify and secure senior executives with proven track records, innovative foresight, and who, crucially, have led and delivered critical industry engagements.

Our clients include Management & Technology Consultancies, Strategy and boutique Advisory firms.